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SAP Ariba

The Mosaic Company is excited with our transformation of our Purchasing process by upgrading our technology with SAP Ariba. We are utilizing the Ariba Network to send Purchase Orders and receive invoices from our valued Suppliers.

Mosaic is growing this process with the intent to utilize Ariba as a complete Sourcing, Purchase Order submittal and e-invoicing solution with all our Suppliers. Benefits of Ariba will allow added visibility to the Purchase Order and Invoicing process allowing Suppliers to see the process to completion.

E-Invoicing Process

Suppliers must submit e-invoice in Ariba directly against purchase order via portal or B2B integration in order to receive payment

Ariba Invoice Help Guideline

Ariba Light Account

Ariba Light Account transacts through an interactive email and suppliers are to e-invoice through that email. This Ariba option is intended for low transacting vendors.

Supplier Training Documentation - Ariba Light Info Pack
Ariba Light Account - Quick Start Guide
Supplier FAQ - Ariba Light
Ariba Standard (Light) Account Training Video