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SAP Business Network - Ariba

The Mosaic Company utilizes SAP Business Network to transact with our valued Suppliers.  It is a secure global platform for exchanging business transactions including purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices.  This allows a complete B2B (e-commerce) relationship with our suppliers.


Standard Account (Light)

Ariba Standard Account transacts through an interactive email, with a general dashboard that provides: Purchase order management, Order confirmations, and Invoicing.  

Supplier Training Documentation - Ariba Light Info Pack
Ariba Light Account - Quick Start Guide
Supplier FAQ - Ariba Light
Ariba Standard (Light) Function Demo Video


Enterprise Account

An enterprise account provides everything the Standard Account offers, plus B2B integration options, Catalogues and more robust reporting.  Suppliers must submit e-invoice in Ariba directly against purchase order via portal or B2B integration in order to receive payment.

Ariba Network Functional Training

Steps for Confirming and Invoicing an Ariba PO


SAP Business Network Support

How do I contact Business Network Customer Support as a supplier?    Business Network Customer Support