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SAP Fieldglass

The Mosaic Company has selected SAP Fieldglass for Service Vendors in order to streamline labour, equipment, and material submission, approvals, invoicing and more. SAP Fieldglass provides vendor visibility to project information, submissions, invoices, reports and provides the vendor administrator permissions to manage Fieldglass account settings. New service work awarded through SAP Fieldglass will provide a “MOSQT” contract number, as an alternative to an Ariba Purchase Order.


Fieldglass Vendor Benefits:

  • Offered at no cost to the Vendor
  • Tracks Fixed Price, Time & Material, and Progress Payments
  • Auto-generates invoices once Mosaic approves fee(s)
  • Information can be pulled with reporting, list downloads, as well can upload data
  • Available training, Mosaic site reps and Helpdesk


Mosaic Support Documents:

Vendor Navigation Overview