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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - Including Security Exhibit

The supplier/contractor agrees that goods purchased by or the services to be performed for Mosaic pursuant to this Purchase Order shall be exclusively governed by and the supplier/contractor agrees to comply with "Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - Canada - Rev. 2/2018 - or - Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - USA - Rev. 1/2016" which was previously delivered to supplier/contractor.  If you do not have a copy of Mosaic Purchase Order Terms and Conditions on file, please contact your Mosaic representative immediately for another copy before accepting this Purchase Order. Mosaic purchases are made expressly conditional upon the acceptance of Mosaic’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions and will only be modified by a mutually executed amendment on similar forms.  Forms which may alter or be inconsistent with Mosaic’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions shall be of no legal force and shall NOT govern the transaction contemplated by this Purchase Order.  If there are any questions on the commercial terms of this Purchase Order, you must notify Mosaic within 24 hours of receipt, otherwise Mosaic will presume the Purchase Order is accepted.

Security Exhibit – USA and Canada

Purchase Order - Canada

Purchase Order - USA

Purchase Order - Louisiana

Purchase Order – Florida or Louisiana: Tampa Port Services, LLC

All suppliers/contractors are required to include this Purchase Order on ALL communications (Packing Slips, etc.).  This Purchase Order covers the time period indicated and covers only work initiated by Mosaic.  There must be only one (1) Purchase Order referenced on your e-invoice. E-invoices listing multiple Purchase Order numbers cannot be processed for payment.

All Vendor Payment Inquiries to be emailed to: Or Call:  1-800-741-7765 for more information